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Such a ubiquitous story is naturally a Fountain of Expies: A

False Flag Operation: The series starts with the nation of Ameria disguising its soldiers as pirates and launching a series of raids on the Capital Tower. Such a ubiquitous story is naturally a Fountain of Expies: A little girl who dresses in red and winds up in danger is a common motif; she’s Little Dead Riding Hood.

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This wouldn’t count except that there are no dragons in the Berserk universe (unless you count Grunbeld in Apostle form); the sword was merely designed so that it could slay one if there were. Big’s goons take Bond out to shoot him is probably the Valentino Replica Handbags most miserable alley in fictional history.

She seems to have a morbid sense of humor, “giggling” (“Che Che Che Che”) with delight at the Replica Stella McCartney bags prospect of violence and death (even her own). Mental World: The chase through John Malkovich’s unconscious mind. While everyone aware of the conversation is upset at the vice principal for saying it, they Designer Replica Handbags also take time to seriously consider the point.

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