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I rolled into Breaux Bridge, Louisiana during a rainstorm, with raindrops the size of gum balls falling so fast on my windshield that I can hardly see the car in front of me. It is over almost as quickly as it started. I have been told this is a typical mid day shower in Cajun Country, daily “mini showers” roll in from the Gulf and last just a few minutes, but really drench the earth. The landscape is bright green http://www.joelpack.com/2013/06/passenger-jet-is-sabotaged-before-it-is-due-to-take-off/, and lush thanks to these showers.

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Replica bags Battletoads routinely shows up in Top Ten Lists of the hardest NES games, and is one of few titles where 2 player mode actually makes the game harder. Contrary to reputation, it’s not the most difficult game ever produced at that time (Ninja Gaiden, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Silver Surfer, and The Adventures of Bayou Billy were all keeping up); however, the amount of rote memorization demanded by Battletoads is extremely taxing on adult gamers, never mind its target audience. As the NES generation grew older, Battletoads naturally became a font of memes, to the point where Kayin went on record claiming that his homebrew platformer, I Wanna Be the Guy, was a romhack of Battletoads and daring people to complete the game if they wanted to prove him a liar. The original is best remembered for its lascivious game over screen, providing incentive (or rather, two of them) for frustrated gamers to keep bashing away in hopes of meeting the Queen in person Replica bags.

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